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Jacki of Jacki Stephens Interior Designs has been instrumental in transforming my house over a two year period and a three phase renovation. Her ability to visualise change, plan the same and then organise and oversee a major renovation without any major problem or disruption has saved me time, money and stress.

Jacki has been involved in my complete house renovation from the early days of actually deciding whether or not it was worth my time and money to even start this process. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, vision and ability to work on every aspect of my renovation has made the process an enjoyable one. She has overseen all aspects, from design, room layout and colour selection of walls, cupboards and furnishes.

In particular her advise and input into the design phase of the kitchen has provided me with a kitchen that has beauty but most importantly functionality. I certainly couldn’t have achieved the result I have without her. It was for this reason that I have continued to seek her guidance as I entered each phase of my renovation.

I recommend Jacki Stephens without any hestitation. There was no aspect of any stage along the way that I didn’t seek her council. As a result, I had no complications and my renovation was completed in time and within ¬†budget. The results are amazing, and our home has gained not only improved function and liveability but importantly the value has increased beyond all expectation.

Lyn Hamett